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Exhibit Highlights

Calibration Equipment
Centrifugal Separators
Chains, Ropes & Anchor Systems
Classification Societies 
Computer Systems, Networks and Software 
Consultancy Services 
Cranes and Deck Machinery
Dredging Equipment 
Dry Docks & Repair
Environment Protection Equipment and Facilities 
Handling Systems and Equipment 
Hatch Covers
Lashing Materials & Securing Systems
Main & Auxiliary Engines
Marine & Industrial Compressors
Marine & Industrial Pumps
Marine Coatings
Marine Engineering and Equipment 
Marine Environment and Safety 
Marine Supply and Logistics 
Maritime Publications 
Navigation and Communication Systems 
Ocean Engineering 
Oil and Lubrication 
Paints and Coatings 
Port and Terminal Equipment and Services 
Port and Waterways Engineering 
Port Authorities and Terminal Operators 
Port Construction 
Port Facilities 
Propulsion Systems / Pumps and Valves 
Refrigeration Systems
Safety (SOLAS) Equipment & Services
Safety / Rescue and Survival / Security Equipment 
Ship Design and Shipbuilding 
Ship Engineering 
Ship Operation and Management 
Ship Registry, Ship Inspection and Survey 
Shipyards / Ship Repairers 
Spare Parts & Reconditioning
Steering Gears, Rudders & Propellers
Trade Associations / Export Councils 
Warehousing and Distribution Systems

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